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Morganti Ju-Jitsu

Morganti Ju-jitsu is a style of martial art idealized in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Shihan (master) Ricardo Morganti, 7th Dan in Morganti Ju-jitsu.
At the end of the feudal period many farmers from Japan were left unemployed. In the beginning of the last century, the japanese government decided to encourage Immigration. Brazil was one of the main destinations. In 1908, the first Japanese arrived in Sao Paulo. In the following years, other ships came to Brazil bringing more immigrants and some of the finest martial arts masters in asian culture.
Masters also came: Ono, Wada, Koma, Isobe, etc
Paulo Morganti became a student of the Ono brothers, who were Judo masters from Japan. Paulo would stay after every class to learn about the old Japanese Jujitsu techniques. He also trained with the “Gigantes do Ringue”, Brazilian pro-wrestlers.
Paulo Morganti would grow up to share his passion for martial arts, onto his only son, Ricardo Morganti. Since he was very young, Ricardo started to train Martial Arts in the living room of their house with his father. Paulo encouraged Ricardo to experiment in techniques and moves that would work for fighting. They were always training and trying to figure out how to execute faster moves and more efficient leverage against an opponent. When Ricardo was 6 years old, Paulo took him to train at the academy with Judo master, Inato Wada. At 8 years old, Ricardo already knew all the throwing and ground techniques from the white to black belt.


In the beginning of the 90’s, Shihan Ricardo Morganti, black belt in Judo, 3rd Dan black belt in two different styles of Karate and Full contact, founded Morganti Ju-jitsu.

Morganti Ju-jitsu can be considered a complete Martial Arts, because it has ground fighting, throwing techniques, and stand up fighting (punches, kicks, elbows, knees and defenses) in its roots.